About A-Parent Apparel

The love, time and encouragement that comes with playing a team sport is one unlike any other. As a parent, you spend a lot of time cheering at the game...show your support with spirit wear made just for you! Each unique piece is carefully selected from the highest quality products and includes a professional direct to garment print. A-Parent Apparel - The official apparel provider for the most important fan of all.

Our Story

Stephanie’s son has played baseball since the age of 4! I’m a mother of two and loves spending time on the field! My family has always had a passion for sports of all kinds as it provides an environment of encouragement and allows a child to become confident, all while learning to work with a team. Fast forward a few years and a whole lot of games, I found myself loving being at the ballfield, but wanted more variety in the gear I was sporting. Living in the Midwest we see weather of all kind, so it’s always important to be comfortable and prepped for the day. I found myself wearing the same stuff over and over. Also, I was compromising my team gear for something more my style. I wanted both and found out pretty quickly that a lot of other moms did to.

For our company it was important for us to have a team dynamic, so having the right people to partner with to help create this wonderful brand was key. Emily Smith is our design expert. She has an eye for what’s on trend and aims to create a balanced and fun look that will fit comfortably on the apparel we provide. Shana Boyd and I have worked together for years! She owns an advertising agency and has helped many brands succeed by creating strategies to help them connect with their customer. Keeping our parents, coaches and families top of mind to provide the spirit wear they want is first and foremost for us. We love our company and hope you do to…X2.

About Our Products

High Quality T-Shirt Printing

We print t-shirts in full color using Direct to Garment technology. Direct to garment printing (or DTG Printing) is a process of printing on clothing using modified inkjet technology (just like your printer at home but fancier) DTG printing applies specialized textile inks directly into the fibers of the clothing that is being printed.

DTG Advantages

Over the last ten years, the resolution (precision) of direct to garment printers has increased dramatically.  This means that DTG prints can look as good or better than traditional apparel printing processes, such as screen printing.   You can’t feel the design on the garment, like in screen printing, since the design is printed into the fabric of the apparel.

Is DTG Printing Eco-friendly?

Yes.  In most applications, the inks used in DTG printing are generally water based, pigmented inks that are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly. At Print Aura we use water based inks.

How well does DTG hold up over multiple washes?

DTG prints will remain just as bright and soft and won’t crack when properly cared for. Follow our T-Shirt Care Guide to avoid cracking or fading.